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Our Vision

Our Vision

Building an egalitarian world that inspires optimism and happiness towards enhancing quality of life for the needy as we navigate through the earth.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire people around the globe through unparalleled selfless refreshing innovations bringing about lasting solution to poverty. hunger and social justice thereby creating a society where everyone has a decent place to live.

Partner with us

Partner with us

We welcome support from individuals and organisations who believe in our vision and want to partner with us to deliver specific projects.


AMARAYA FOUNDATION is a humanitarian organization dedicated to the service of God and humanity. The Foundation is a product of the burning zeal of its founders who have a special vocation to positively touch human life through philanthropism.
AMARAYA FOUNDATION took its first shot to spotlight in December 22, 2020 with the commissioning of a bungalow built for a widow Mrs Celine Anthony Idigbo who was displaced and rendered homeless by a heavy rain and wind flow in Lude Ahiara Mbaise, Imo State. Before this time, AMARAYA FOUNDATION has been carrying out philanthropic activities to the homeless and handicapped in Nigeria and in Mozambique.
The Foundation has a mission and vision of touching lives. It carries out its activities through various media.
AMARAYA FOUNDATION logo is descriptive. It illustrates two human hands spread in help, with a heart of love at its center. It shows a helping hand, extended to touch lives.



Since the modern times, Empowerment has become a strong vocabulary for government and non-governmental organizations with the aim of achieving a degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities.


AMARAYA FOUNDATION as a humanitarian outfit has been ensuring professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and use their resources.


Through empowerment, AMARAYA FOUNDATION seeks to achieve a practical approach of resource-oriented intervention among rural dwellers

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