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AMARAYA FC is the sporting arm of AMARAYA FOUNDATION, a humanitarian unit that gives meaning and definition to human life through empowerment.Those to be scouted into Amaraya FC are expected to be between 15 to 18 years and their training starts immediately after selection. The training ground has been slated for AHIAZU SECONDARY SCHOOL FIELD, LUDE AHIARA AHIAZU MBAISE.
Through youth sports, Arts and Recreation, AMARAYA FOUNDATION is poised towards realizing the full potential of young people in rural communities. This is done by promoting youth, sport, arts and recreation by ensuring equitable participation, sustainable development and empowerment of all young minds. To achieve this goal, the foundation has set up AMARAYA FC, a football and all sports club for Talent identification and development systems (TIDS) to showcase hidden talents into sporting stars of the future.

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