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Quality education in a society as Nigeria is gradually becoming a mirage. Educational facilities in rural communities are challenged by lack of adequate school supplies, electricity, infrastructure, and more. AMARAYA FOUNDATION has the vision of improving education and breaking the barriers of quality education especially to rural dwellers. The foundation hopes to improve parts of the educational system by aiding indigent and handicapped persons and providing Information Technology and Computer literacy through Conferencing Programs:
  • Provision of books and computers in schools identified in poor communities.
  • Provision of Desks and Chairs in designated schools.
  • Building of a Vocational Training Institute
  • Utilization of renewable resources to help improve quality of life
  • Teacher Training Seminars and Conferences to Improve teaching Techniques and Methods.
  • Fostering a healthy relationship between schools and the host communities.

Rehabilitation of Community Primary School Lude Ahiara Ahiazu Mbaise by AMARAYA FOUNDATION as part of her educational intervention programs.

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